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Response of human NK cell activation to dose of BioBran

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Twenty-four healthy human volunteers were divided into three groups of 8, and assigned to ingest BioBran at 15mg/kg body weight (approximately equal to 1g), 30mg/kg body weight (approximately equal to 2g), and 45mg/kg body weight (approximately equal to 3g) every day for a period of two months to measure the effects on NK cell activity.

The activity in the 15mg/kg group was almost unchanged after 1 week but increased to twice the baseline activity after 1 month. The activity in the 30mg/kg group increased to about 3 times the baseline value after 1 week and then gradually increased to 5 times the baseline value by 2 months. The 45mg/kg group showed a pattern of increase similar to that in the 30mg/kg group, but the rate and degree of increase were greater than that of the 30mg/kg group. Following cessation of treatment, the NK cell activity levels gradually returned to baseline in each group.